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Modernization of HV substations

The modernization of high-voltage substations is one of the main directions in which PPMEO has developed its activity since the company’s founding.

The special place of PPMEO amongst the other companies dealing with modernization of HV substations is provided by our experience with the assembly, manufacturing of parts, steel support structures and commissioning of high voltage disconnectors!

Thanks to our excellent team of professionals, with many years of manufacturing and design experience, PPMEO has successfully completed a number of projects in this specific segment.

We offer to our clients:

  • Projects design and delivery of equipment.
  • Dismount of high voltage equipment;
  • Mounting of new HV equipment - disconnectors, instrument  transformers, circuit breakers. Production and delivery of relevant metal and/or concrete support structures for them, according to project requirements;
  • Laying and connection of new control cables and wiring.
  • Mounting and connection of command and control cabinets.
  • Electrical measurements, testing and commissioning.
  • Refurbishment, repair, manufacturing and delivery of spare parts for minimum oil high voltage breakers type MMO 110 kV.