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Refurbishment, overhaul, manufacturing and delivery of spare parts for minimum oil, high voltage breakers type MMO 110 kV

Minimum oil circuit breakers type MMO 110 kV, are well known to electrical engineers employed in the field of energy production and distribution. The characteristic V – shape of  MMO is emblematic for the HV substations in Bulgaria. This type of circuit breakers is entirely Bulgarian development and it has been in production for more than 30 years. 

For the years of active production, there had been produced tens of thousands of units in the factory "Avangard" – Sevlievo, Bulgaria.

MMO 110 is widespread in Bulgaria as well as in twenty countries worldwide, including the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and even some African countries.

The fact that today the majority of all manufactured circuit breakers are still in operation, is a definite proof for the successful design and sustainability of MMO and turns it into an equipment, that withstood the test of time and one that deserves respect and attention.

In March 2013, ABB company, owner of the factory "Avangard" - Sevlievo, suspend its activities in the production and sale of spare parts for minimum oil high voltage circuit breakers, type: MMO. 

Based on a contract from 11.03.2013, signed between the company ABB and PPMEO OOD, PPMEO acquired a license and complete documentation and became the official successor in production and assembly of spare parts for this type of circuit breakers. Up to date, PPMEO has a fully equipped production premises and warehouse in Sevlievo, Bulgaria and performs regular orders and contracts for the delivery of spare parts, repair and refurbishment of circuit breakers for customers from Bulgaria and abroad.

We offer to our clients:

  • Production, assembly and delivery of the full range of spare parts for MMO 110 kV;
  • Production of new breakers MMO 110 kV;
  • Overhaul of MMO 110 kV;
  • Service in our factory and on site of customers;
  • Substitute circuit breakers, own transport and service team;
  • Complete mechanical and electrical tests, including measuring of the specific characteristics of the MMO;

Training of customer’s technical teams for operations and service of MMO 110, in our production premises in Sevlievo, Bulgaria.